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Established in the bustling barbershops of Leeds in 2016, Slick Gorilla has since gained global recognition for its exceptional quality. Dear Barber, synonymous with luxury grooming, prides itself on its heritage of elegance and sophistication. Each product in their range is expertly crafted in partnership with professional barbers, ensuring the highest standard of quality. And both Slick Gorilla and Dear Barber have a commitment to being cruelty-free.
Discover these premium grooming essentials at Stag Barbering.


Slick Gorilla - Lightwork

SlickGorilla Light Work

Lightwork creates weightless dimension and body; this hair clay is a game-changing product for all hair types and textures that want a fresh look without shine.


Slick Gorilla - Hair Powder

Made for men who aspire to look fresh, its matte finish looks and feels undetectable. Its medium to strong hold helps you to create texture with added staying power. 


Slick Gorilla - Clay Pomade

Clay Pomade is the ideal choice for smart or undone styles. It instantly adds texture, firm hold and staying power, so you can have full confidence in your style.


Slick Gorilla - Sea Salt Spray

Slick Gorilla Sea Salt Spray Why It’s Slick Our Sea Salt Spray for adds grip and texture to hair, creating a style that looks authentic and natural.


Slick Gorilla - Hair Spray

Take control of your look and lock in your style with Slick Gorilla hairspray. The powerful and protective spray leaves hair strong and sturdy, keeping your style safe all day.


Dear Barber - Beard Oil

Light, non-greasy formula, contains Argan, Almond and Coconut Oils to soften and coat the hair. This nourishing and conditioning product smooths and grooms the beard into position or style. 


Dear Barber - Moustache Wax

Flexible, easy styling with a strong hold. Contains skin protecting Oat Oil and Jojoba Oil to condition the hair, for a healthy shine from root to tip. Our strong yet supple wax will keep your 'tache in shape all day.


Dear Barber - Beard Comb

The Dear Barber Beard Comb is the perfect companion for the bearded gent. Expertly crafted from Pear Wood (no plastic waste here thank you!) our comb is designed to fit perfectly into your hand or pocket.


Dear Barber - Pomade

This unique formula is perfect for a smooth, flexible finish with a high shine gloss. Providing definition and control, the Strong Hold Pomade can be reused throughout the day and is ideal for controlling curly and frizzy hair.


Dear Barber - Beard Brush

The Dear Barber Beard Brush is the ultimate accessory for the modern day beardsman. The brush is made from firm, vegan-friendly, bristles that help to shape shorter hairs to grow in the right direction, as well as stimulating beard growth.


Dear Barber - Beard Balm

The Dear Barber Beard Balm contains a nourishing blend of oils and waxes to soften, tame and lightly style your beard. The Beard Balm is specially formulated with Shea Butter, Beeswax and Oat Oil to condition your skin and facial hair.


Dear Barber - Mattifier

The Mattifier's unique formulation separates hair into distinguishable yet malleable textured styles providing a matte, flexible hold throughout the day.
Ideal for all hair types, giving hairstyles a thicker, fuller look.


Dear Barber - Post Shave Balm

The Dear Barber Post Shave Balm contains luxurious soothing, moisturising and hydrating properties that reduce skin irritation and razor burn. Formulated with Aloe, Allantoin and Witch Hazel extracts.


Dear Barber - With Confidence

This aromatic Eau De Toilette is a masculine, vintage-inspired fragrance with an invigorating fresh, spicy twist. A light top note of Bergamot gives depth with hints of Musk, Vanilla and Leather.


Dear Barber - Shave Cream

Dear Barber Shave Cream helps soften your facial hair, giving you more control during your shave and reducing the risk of irritation. The exceptional blend of ingredients will calm, moisturise and hydrate your skin.





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